Friday, 1 July 2011

Check out Photos From Tamasha's Rehearsals for The Arrivals

Next week sees the showcasing of The Second Year Degree Show at Circus Space. As my son said, that must be the most awesome degree in the world! This is the third phase of a Research and Development process with Circus Space to investigate potential collaborations between theatre and circus artists. Tamasha's final production will be staged in The Olympic Year 2012. Watching Circus artists fly, fall and do generally super human feats, can have a worrying effect on you! Whilst going on my morning run through the woods I found myself compelled to jump onto a swing suspended from a great oak. Now I've been tempted before...but no one was around and well....let's just say I was inspired!  Tamasha Theatre Company's director Kristine Landon-Smith and myself and the multi-media creative team are striving to create a show in which a poetic text, image, beautiful epic music, theatre, choreography and circus art  intertwine. The sepier world of Tan's potent images seemed to come to life today, as the artists stepped into their costumes... 
Photos by Anna Ngugen

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