Thursday, 30 June 2011

Booktrust's Booked Up Scheme

What an honour it is for Artichoke Hearts to be chosen for the Booktrust's "Booked Up" scheme. This fantastic initiative, that was nearly cut earlier in the year, means that all year seven children whose schools are signed up for the scheme, get given a book for free. The Booktrust have just put in an enormous order for Artichoke Hearts. The Booktrust is a charity, so it's not about selling books, but about widening your profile. This is any debut novelist's wish; to have your novel widely read. Mira the heroine of Artichoke Hearts is in year seven in a large London school so I'm hoping readers who receive this book will easily step into her shoes.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Waterstone's Barnet Prize Giving

Lovely event at Waterstone's Barnet last week. These are the talented winners of the 'Write Place Right Time'' competition. The store had over 600 entries. It seems that there are no shortage of young aspiring writers in Barnet! Look out for these authors in the future... In a chat before the prize giving I shared a few of Pat Print's (creative writing teacher in Artichoke Hearts) writing tips...