Sunday, 30 June 2019

Publication Day Celebration - Waterstones Book of the Month

Dare, Dream, Believe, Imagine....

'Where The River Runs Gold' 

Orion Children's Books
Edited by Sam Swinnerton

Endorsed by Amnesty International 

Published July 1st 2019

Waterstones Children's Book of The Month
Blackwells Display pick

How wonderful and exciting to see the beautiful displays inspired by 'Where The River Runs Gold' emerging in Waterstones Bookshops. I'm looking forward to seeing many of them. 

To celebrate 'Where The River Runs Gold' publication day I am so happy to present this beautiful textile art. It is made by #FridayForFuture environmental activists in response to the story and includes patchwork pockets and origami seed envelopes full of re-wilding treasure from the book.

It's pictured with:

🌻 'Where The River Runs Gold' notebook (containing world building maps/sketches)
🌻A hessian save the bee bag (no plastic is permitted in the Kairos Lands)  
🌻A painting pallet I imagine belonging to a Forager 'Graffitree' artist 

These Publication Day patchwork pieces are scattered in my wild flower garden of daisies, lavender and golden evening primrose... On a sunny Sunday I've been imagining  my character Shifa on the secret, forbidden 'Flower Tracks' making her daisy chains and turning the evening primrose and lavender into healing oils for her family.

In near future Kairos Lands where I've been roaming the world is divided into 'Paragons', 'Freedoms' and 'Outlanders' and it's clear that ...'All that glitters is not gold' but Shifa and Themba and their fellow environmentalists must search for what truly is...

As we approach the summer holidays I hope this story will inspire much re-wilding of wildflower tracks in the earth and in storytelling imaginations too.

In the landscapes I love most you are always discovering new paths. I have been lucky enough to work with great creative teams in children's publishing from the start of writing stories for young people with 'Artichoke Hearts' (Macmillan Children's Books). Since then there are so many golden threads to this storytelling journey - all of them written from the heart and it has been a great joy to work with Sam Swinnerton (Senior Editor - Orion Children's Books) once again.

Screen shot of my books created by Concord College, Shropshire
In 'Where The River Runs Gold' I have slipped out of time present, entered the story-hive of mythical lands and discovered a new river path in my storytelling garden. 

Art from the Art and Writing Class run by Jane Ray and myself
(As artist and writer in residence at Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants)
Our artistic work together is referenced in the acknowledgements of 'Where The River Runs Gold.

Over the next few weeks I'll be touring around with the wonderful Dom Kingston 
(Head of PR at Orion Children's books) and talking more about world building in the Kairos Lands ... but for now I just want to say a heartfelt (skep-heart!) thank you to the whole team at Orion Children's Books and my agent Sophie Gorell Barnes at MBA literary Agents for their great enthusiasm, creativity and care in publishing this story. I can't wait to hear how it grows in reader's imaginations.

So thrilled with this publication day news. Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Waterstones for their book love.