Tuesday, 1 March 2016

What perfect gift would you give to your favourite fictional character?

'There is so much to this deceptively simple story that it can be read over and over again and still reveal more each time you read it.'

Books For Keeps  http://ww.booksforkeeps.co.uk/issue/217/childrens-books/reviews/car-wash-wish

'Sita Brahmachari writes about family lives and family relationships with real sensitivity and insight.'
Andrea Reece LoveReading4Kids


'Fourteen-year-old Hudson knows his brain works differently. A 'super readable' book from Barrington Stoke, this is an entertaining and uplifting story, revealing there is more than one way of looking at life and its problems.'
Book Trust March 1st 2016

Here's a pic of a snow dome all shook up. It's how Hudson's world sometimes feels for him... and not unlike sitting in a drive through car wash.

In exploring a day through Hudson's eyes I tell a story of family viewed through the eyes, mind and heart of a boy with Aspergers or, as Hudson has it, a boy with ' very Zedish thoughts.' Despite these he could beat most people at  scrabble any day of the week!

I do tend to get a bit over- attached to my characters and usually end up finding some trinkets for them that I can't help but add to my collection of story telling objects! I blame the habit on my first book 'Artichoke Hearts'....where a certain charm from the book was gifted to me. Since then I have quite a collection of objects related to each of my stories.

I couldn't resist this  key ring with a scrabble Z for Hudson. 

When I get caught up in a character's world... I have so many questions...

 'Where would Hudson feel safe? Who would he find it easiest to talk to?  What would Hudson like for his birthday?!!! My own children sometimes protest. 'Mum! He's not real!'

I think they just want the key ring!

Hudson's real to me and I hope he holds the key for others too to enter his way of seeing and feeling the world. 

What perfect gifts would you give to your favourite fictional characters? 

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