Thursday, 25 May 2017

'Let not this fill your hearts with hate'

Let not this fill your hearts with hate
Let not this stop you dancing, singing, playing

This earth on which you lay your flowers of loss
is bruised and tender
The willow weeps
But still it grows in splendor

Underneath these concrete paths
Rivers flow
Entwined our branches far and wide
Drawing water from deep courses
All flowing to a human sea

Make it not poisoned
Drink from the earth with love not hate

Let not this fill your hearts with fear
Let not this stop you dancing, singing, laughing, playing

Protest, stand up, speak out
Sit together in candle light
Find comfort in each other

Sita Brahmachari

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

'Tender Earth' 'A coming of age story for young protestors everywhere'

It's taken time to mull and write this book and as I've written the earth has come to feel more and more tender....

Over the last few years I have thought almost everyday about how it must feel to be growing up in the world today. This book is for my twelve year old daughter Esha and her generation who must find ways to be nurtured by this tender earth.

Here are the beautiful new covers for all three books. 'Tender Earth,' edited by Venetia Gosling, is a stand alone story but this generation of readers may want to go back and read the earlier novels and I feel honoured that Macmillan Children's Books have given all three books such wonderful new covers. I love the golden threads painted on each book. To me they represent the bonds of friendship, love and family across generations and landscapes.

I am so delighted with these beautiful covers created by Rachel Vale and hope that readers love them as much as I do.

Tender Earth's publication date is June 1st. 2017.

'Amnesty International UK endorses Tender Eatth because it illuminates the importance of equality, friendship and solidarity, and upholds our right to protest against injustice.' 
Nicky Parker (Publisher)

"Inclusive Minds are delighted to welcome the arrival of Tender Earth on the children’s book landscape. We embrace a book like this that has been so thoroughly researched and demonstrates such authentic inclusion.”
Alexandra Srick and Beth Cox  (Inclusive Minds)