Monday, 18 July 2016

Summer Hearts!

The sun is shining brightly today and I thought I would share a few lovely moments from meeting readers and young writers  this summer term that make writing for young adults so rewarding.

From the students of Beaconsfield High School  ( July 14th  - Where I also bumped into the brilliant young blogger @LexiLoves

This term following school exams I have been invited to hold creative writing workshops in schools and it's wonderful to see young people write with freedom from curriculum rules. I would like to thank the inspirational librarians and teachers who create these beautiful displays and motivate young readers and writers to explore their creativity.

At Bishops Hatfield School I told students that there will be a book for each of them that turns them into a reader... they might just not have found it yet. A young girl came up to me in the librarry afterwards and said that my books have been that for her: What a prvilege it is to be a writer for young adults.

'Reading Sita's books is what turned me into a keen reader. Before I discovered them I didn't read much, but now I'm really enjoying it. The characters in her books are really well-drawn, I loved the character of Mira, and could imagine her as someone I would like in real life.'
Hely - Bishop's Hatfield School

From the students of Hadley Learning Community, Telford for Pop Up Festival ( 27th June) 

(Each leaf layer contains a wonderful story about a reason why a character has needed to place a protective layer around their hearts. Student work clearly showed how deeply young people empathise with characters very different from themselves.) 

The first school creative writing artichoke drawn by artist Grace Manning at Highfield Primary School, London 2015

Wishing readers and all those creative writers out there a very happy summer with plenty of days lost in books, doodling, writing for the sake of it and daydreaming!

Sita X