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Reviews and launch response for 'Worry Angels'

This papier mache angel was made for my daughter by Margaret Stowe a teacher inspiration behind 'Worry Angels' 

'An important, tender and vital story about dealing with and overcoming worry from Sita Brahmachari (Artichoke Hearts), who handles complex emotions in a pitch-perfect way for young readers. Illustrated by the legendary Jane Ray.'
 The Bookseller 

'It's great to have stories featuring young refugee children.' Young Roots  (Supporting Young Refugees)

Year 4, 5 and 6 at the launch of 'Worry Angels' in response to the question 'Who sometimes has worries?'
'My daughter devoured this book in one sitting.' Sally Vanderpump - parent

'Got sent a little gem of a book. The story and characters really stayed with me.'
Karen Mc Combie - author

'Lovely little book. Good for exploring feelings.' Empathy Lab

With Margaret Stowe - an inspiration behind the teacher Grace in 'Worry Angels' holding her favourte childhood book about angels and Jane Ray whose beautiful illustrations grace the pages of  'Worry Angels'.
‘A wonderfully sensitive and emotive story. Amy’s experience of anxiety provides children with an excellent opportunity to develop their own empathy skills. The journey that Amy and Rima take towards being happier , more confident girls is an important one. All children would respond to the characters and issues presented in the book, of course children with dyslexia and the learning anxieties that can bring and  I would especially love to teach this book in an SEN context to a small group of children identified as having  anxiety,   emotional literacy and mental health needs. The teaching resources are very effective and will prompt some excellent discussion.’  
Roseann Arrowsmith  - Primary SEN Teacher

'I am moved by Sita's appreciation of sand play.  This delightful story speaks to the heart of the lonely, worried  child. I hope it is discovered by the many young people who can be gently  helped by it.'  Maggie Barron - Sand Play Therapist

Mrs Alam, Rima and her family, recently arrived from a refugee camp in Syria, breathe in 'The smell of welcome' 
'Sita Brahmachari handles the girls' emotions with a great deal of sensitivity: there's never any sense that one girl's worries are more valid than another's or that they should be able to cope.' The Book Bag

'Worry Angels is a lovely, moving story, current and straightforward touching on the many facets of change, transition and upheaval that affect young people. It touches on so many truths about the need for greater welfare care in our school systems and the fact that there are so many young people in need of a Grace. Every school should have at least one Grace'and the fact that we don't have people like her already in place makes me realize just how many students we are potentially letting down. If I look at my own 'box' at school it is full of students of different ages and needs - they find connections and build friendships simply by sharing a safe 'space'. I see the changes in my students and how their confidence grows just like Amy May. I welcome the fact that ' Worry Angels ' raises the misconception that if students can't make it over the threshold into school it means they are refusing  and being defiant. They are not strong and determined children - far from it! The story also raises  awareness of how detrimental the pace of modern living can be and how children need space to process that. I often feel sad that living in a large city means we very often don't have extended family near us - an aunt or granny or someone our children can just wander down the road and share a cup of tea with.' Tracey Copley - Student Welfare (Highgate Wood School, London)

Teacher Resources for 'Worry Angels' are downloadable here:

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Click this link to view this animation Book Trailer for 'Worry Angels' by Grace Emily Manning.


With book loving angels!
With thanks to the angels: Margaret Stowe, the librarian and teachers of Rhodes Avenue School, Children's Book Shop Muswell Hill, Kirstin Lamb, Emma Hargrave and Jane Walker of Barrington Stoke for a magical book launch for 'Worry Angels' 

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