Sunday, 31 December 2017

Note for New Year

In the time between Christmas and New Year... while walking in Queen's Wood where my novel 'Red Leaves' is set, I came across this sign. To the old signpost that used to contain directions to a frog pool and the locality have been added quotes from literature and music from creative voices singing through the woods from yesteryear.

This sign - and the jigsaw being made on our me thinking about the possibilities that New Year always brings... for re-building, renovating, and creating new directions. This jigsaw map of London will soon become dated as street names, sculptures, memorials and new buildings are added...

Creativity is possibly the most underrated and difficult-to-measure force for good and change. By its nature it is fluid and flowing as a river, and the new directions in Queens Wood where ancient woodland, frog ponds, literature and music are all contained within the same signpost gives me hope that 2018 will be a year to celebrate creative thinking.

Happy New Year and go 'Dance By the Moonlight!'

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