Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A story in pictures...by Joanne Sergent

A treasure hunt of the imagination....using symbols, objects and landscape from my novel ' Kite Spirit' to inspire festival goers of all ages to enter into stories and storytelling and set their creative spirits free...

Some of the creative writing exercises I used are written about in this article:


Joanne Sergant was at Ironbridge Gorge Museum  at the Pop Up Festival  on 19th April and captured these beautiful pictures. 


Mine is just one of ten experiences created by authors, poets, illustrators and storytellers. For more information about the next festivals in Essex (May 3rd) and London (July 12th and 13th)  visit the: http://pop-up.org.uk/festival/

Final three photos by wonderful designer of the 'Kite Spirit' exhibition - Grace Manning. 

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